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Company Due Diligence in Japan

Company Due Diligence in Japan

Even though local companies usually have a strong reputation for trustworthy dealing, there are, though, some Japanese businesses which are less credible and could be legitimate, however, concerning in connection to financial or business issues. 

Our company formation advisors in Japan can help entrepreneurs and businesses in performing the appropriate due diligence when they intend to acquire another legal entity or get involved in the local business market in Japan. We can also assist you in starting a company in Japan.

Types of due diligence performed in Japan

When an entrepreneur or a legal entity intends to conclude a partnership, to invest or acquire a local company, it is extremely important to perform an appropriate company due diligence in Japan.

Our Japan company formation consultants recommend the following due diligence procedures:

• The financial due diligence: effectuated by accredited accountants;

• A legal due diligence: effectuated by local lawyers;

• A general due diligence: this implies comprehending the entire business status of the legal entity;

• Technological due diligence;

• Regulatory and environmental due diligence which is connected to the property or plants.

How a company due diligence is performed in Japan

Performing a company due diligence in Japan is a complex procedure. Our company registration agents in Japan are aware that  a normal local company record contains the full name and address of the business, together with any changes to this data, as well as the dates these changes took place.

company due diligence in this country also includes the date of the incorporation, the main activities and where the business announcements will be made public.

The main source for a company registration record is the Registration Information Provision Service made public by the General Foundation of the Civil Justice Association, which is affiliated with the local government’s Legal Affairs Bureau.

If you have more questions about the Japan due diligence, or for help to open a company in Japan, please feel free to contact our representatives.