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Obtain a Long Stay Visa for Japan

Obtain a Long Stay Visa for Japan

Individuals can immigrate to Japan on a long stay visa by following the mandatory conditions and procedures. Obtaining a long stay visa in Japan is required for working, studying, engaging in cultural activities, or reuniting with family members. Additionally, this visa is also required if you are interested in opening a company in Japan as a foreigner. Our team will help in applying for the appropriate visa based on your specific needs.

Which types of long stay visas are available in Japan?

Before obtaining a long stay visa in Japan, you must research the available visa types that align with your purpose or qualification. Our immigration lawyers in Japan will briefly describe the most common types of long stay visas:

  • Working visa – for various professions such as professors, teachers, entertainers, photographers, artists, physicians, dentists, IT engineers, attorneys, etc;
  • General visa – for studying, cultural activities, training, and dependents;
  • Specified visa – for those with Japanese ancestry or individuals engaging in designated activities (such as for a paid internship);
  • Diplomatic visa – for diplomatic missions in Japan;
  • Start-up visa – ideal for those wishing to open a company in Japan;
  • Official visa – for the administrative or technical staff of diplomatic missions;
  • Highly skilled professional visa – granted to those considered highly experienced in certain work fields and to their dependents.

Please note that some professions (lawyers, accountants, dentists, nurses, etc.) need certifications or qualifications recognized by Japanese authorities. Additionally, the start-up visa is available only for companies incorporated in certain Japanese municipalities.

Each long stay visa in Japan has its own requirements and eligibility criteria. Our immigration specialists can guide you through the application process accordingly.

How to apply for a long stay visa in Japan

After researching the type of long stay visa in Japan that best fits your traveling purpose, the next step is obtaining the Certificate of Eligibility (COE). This certificate is issued under the Immigration Services Agency of Japan and proves that you meet the conditions required for entry. To obtain the COE, you must have a contact in Japan who can apply on your behalf (your employer, school, spouse, a Japanese relative or sponsor, legal representative, etc.). 

Obtaining the long stay visa in Japan also requires you to gather all the specific documents based on the type of visa you are applying for. Generally, these documents include your passport, photographs, the visa application form, and the COE.

The duration of the long stay visa also depends on the visa category. Some visas are issued for up to 5 years, while some are issued for 6 months. The visa application examination takes approximately 5 working days but can extend in some cases. 

After ten years of continuously living in the country, you can apply for permanent residency in Japan. However, there are some exceptions. Our immigration lawyers in Japan can offer more details on this subject.

Statistics about immigration in Japan

In the context of obtaining a long stay visa in Japan, our team has gathered some interesting statistics about the immigration trends in the country:

  • In 2022, there were around 3.1 million immigrants living in Japan;
  • Almost 597,000 immigrants were living in Tokyo Prefecture in 2022;
  • As of October 2023, approximately two million immigrants were employed in Japan;
  • Approximately 518,000 of these workers were from Vietnam.

If you need assistance with obtaining a long stay visa or in any immigration-related issue, do not hesitate to contact our team for more details.