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Open an IT Company in Japan

Open an IT Company in Japan

The Japanese IT sector is comprised of different areas, including computer software, hardware, the internet, semiconductors, electronics and others. The IT is largely recognized as an important resource for the service industry. Our company formation consultants in Japan can assist you in opening an IT company in Japan.

IT opportunities in Japan

The Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector in Japan is projected to be the most developed sector in the country.

In 2011, this industry was worth USD 1.2 trillion, while the local government wants to further develop it to reach USD 2.4 by 2020. Our company registration advisors in Japan can provide further information related to this subject.

The opportunities in the ICT industry in Japan are numerous. Most importantly, Japan is ranked the third largest market with average revenue per user in Asia.

The country is projected to reach 160 million mobile phone subscribers which will increase by 2019.

The e-commerce is achieving a greater importance across all sectors, therefore there is a huge potential in the online consumer market, with the county being the fourth largest e-commerce market internationally.

Cybersecurity, e-commerce development and other IT sectors, they all represent countless opportunities which are awaiting entrepreneurs and investors. Our company registration executives in Japan can assist you in setting up a company in Japan in these sectors.

IT company managers can apply for a Business Manager visa with out help. This type of permit allows the holder to engage in business management and/or international trade activities, provided that the company complies with certain conditions. Our team can give you more information about the application process is you are interested in obtaining Japanese residency.

In order to immigrate to Japan, one will need to acquire the status of permanent resident. This is awarded to individuals who are of good conduct, who have sufficient income to live independently in Japan, and who have spent sufficient time in the country (in most cases, the minimum period is ten consecutive years, with only a minimum amount of time spent outside the country).

The IT Basic Law in Japan

The IT Basic Law in Japan (the Basic Bill for the Formation and Advanced Information Communication Network Society) was issued in 2001. Our Japan company formation representatives can offer more details related to this law.

The Law stipulates that the “Formation of an Advanced Information Communication Network Society” has to enable, among other things, the e-commerce.

Additionally, it stipulates that in issuing policies connected to the “Formation of an Advanced Information Communication Network Society”, measures for enabling e-commerce (e.g. reviewing regulations, providing appropriate protection, making new rules and so on) have to be taken.

If you are interested in the IT sector in Japan and would like to open a company in this industry here, please speak to our friendly company formation advisors in Japan.