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Set Up a Real Estate Agency in Japan

Set Up a Real Estate Agency in Japan

The property market in Japan remains upbeat, with the house prices continuing to increase strongly. The demand in this market is stable and the residential activity in the country is increasing. The total residential property index in Japan increased with 4.7% in January 2017 compared to the same time frame of the previous year, as declared by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. 

In this article, our company formation agents in Japan explain how to set up a real estate agency in Japan.

We can also offer information about immigration to Japan.

The real estate license in Japan

In order to be able to open a real estate agency in Japan, a real estate license (called a Takken) is needed. Such a license holder has to be present during a property transaction and he or she has to explain the transaction details to the involved parties.

Real estate businesses in Japan must also have at least one in five license holder staff ratio to be able to activate with a license.

The real estate license offers the needed background knowledge on the laws and regulations which govern the real estate in Japan, as well as a basic knowledge of the local civil law. Our experts in company formation in Japan can offer more details on this license. We can also help you to open a real estate company in Japan.

It is necessary to know Japanese fluently to be able to pass the exam in order to obtain the real estate license in the country.

The test does not have requisites like work experience or other degrees or titles, however, the knowledge of Japanese language must be of top level.

Our immigration lawyers in Japan can give you details about the residency requirements when applying for a license.

Foreign investors who open a real estate agency In Japan can qualify for a Business Manager visa when the company is locally or nationally approved as being one of public interest. Understanding the conditions for Japanese residency, as well as the application process for the visa, is a key step during which our team can assist you. Contact us for more details as needed.

The Business Manager visa is one route through which a foreign national can remain in the country for medium to long term purposes such as employment and running a business. In most cases, in order to apply for permanent residency, which is the step for those interested in Japan immigration, one will need to have spent ten consecutive years in Japan, all while observing other requirements.

Other considerations about the real estate license in Japan

In Japan, unless you rent your own property as a proprietor, in order to operate a real estate business, you will need a license to be able to permanently sell and buy, exchange and rent property in this country. 

There are two types of real estate licenses here:

• A license which in Minister-authorized;

• A license which is authorized by the Governor.

The first license is for real estate businesses with offices located in more than two prefectures. As about the second one, our company registration consultants in Japan can offer more details on it.

Our immigration lawyers in Japan will also answer questions regarding the need to acquire residency in the country.

For further information about the real estate business in Japan, or for assistance in setting up a company in Japan, please feel free to get in touch with our friendly staff.

We can also offer details about immigration to Japan.