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Most Attractive Industries in Japan

Most Attractive Industries in Japan

If you are considering starting a company in Japan, there are certain sectors which prove to be extremely profitable and, as you know, being in the right niche is the key to any business’ success.

In this article, our company formation advisors in Japan explain which the most profitable industries in Japan are.

The electricity and renewable energy industry in Japan

After the Great East Earthquake from 2011, Japan has registered different influences in the energy industry. This earthquake triggered the enclosure of many power plants, which caused a decline in the energy self-sufficiency of 6% in 2013. Our company registration professionals in Japan can help you open a company in the energy industry in this country.

As a result, the fossil fuel imports abruptly increased in order to make up for this lack. During this period of time, together with rising prices of crude oil on the global markets, the increase of the fossil fuel imports also led to an important worsening of the balance of trade.

This caused an increase of the electricity prices and had a significant impact on various sectors of the industry in Japan, as well as SMEs, small businesses and even households.

The high-technology in Japan

The high-technology is one of the most profitable industries in Japan. Visitors of the country are still bewildered by the technology range and demand in all segments of life.

This is even more reflected in the medical industry, where e-health is a major player because the system has to deal with an aging population.

Local multinational giants still rule the IT and communications industry, with an increasing trend for innovative services and technologies and a growth of the unique UK creative legacy which makes the digital media a particularly interesting opportunity. Our Japan company formation professionals can further inform you on this subject. 

Moreover, the constant development of the technology market is forecasted to develop further in the following years, which translates into even more opportunities for opening a business in the country.

Opening a company in one of the country’s most attractive industries can also qualify the company owner for a Business Manager visa. This will allow the holder to gain rights for residency in Japan, provided that the investment meets a set of criteria, and that the applicant follows the conditions set forth by the Regional Immigration Services Bureau. You can contact us for more details.

These are just a couple of examples of the key industries in Japan. For more, please get in touch with our company formation consultants in Japan.