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Open a Beverages Company in Japan

Open a Beverages Company in Japan

Foreign investors who want to enter the Japanese market can set up various types of businesses in the manufacturing industry, one of the largest economic sectors of this country. From food manufacturing business to beverages companies, entrepreneurs can choose the best business opportunity for them.

For those who want to set up beverages companies in Japan, several conditions are imposed by the authorities. They must also comply with the requirements of several laws. These requirements are explained below by our company formation agents in Japan.

Legislation related to selling beverages in Japan

The following laws apply to companies selling beverages in Japan:

  1.        the Food Sanitation Law which provides for the hygiene conditions in which beverages are bottled and handled;
  2.        the Liquor Tax Law which covers alcoholic beverages and the taxes importers and producers must pay upon their sale;
  3.        the Customs Regulations which provide for the special import/export procedures related to alcoholic beverages;
  4.        other laws which apply to restaurants and other retailers selling alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

Our company registration consultants in Japan can help with the registration of a company for the purpose of selling various types of beverages.

Requirements for selling beverages in Japan

The first and most important requirement for selling beverages in Japan is to have a legal entity which can undertake commercial activities. For this purpose, the limited liability company is preferred by both local and foreign entrepreneurs in Japan.

Once the company is registered it must comply with the following requisites:

  • –          not sell alcoholic drinks to minors in accordance with the Minor Drinking Prohibition Law;
  • –          apply for one of the special licenses for selling beverages in accordance with their classification;
  • –          for liquor retailers – these must sell their products in a different location from a restaurant or bar – the area must be clearly defined;
  • –          the director of the company selling beverages must have previous experience in this industry.

The Japanese company must also apply for one of the beverage licenses available.

Licenses for companies selling beverages in Japan

The following licenses are available for companies selling beverages in Japan:

  • –          wholesale dealer license for all types of alcoholic beverages;
  • –          wholesale dealer license for selling Western alcoholic beverages;
  • –          wholesale dealer license for selling imported beverages;
  • –          a general retail dealer license;
  • –          a mail-order retail dealer license.

For assistance in opening a company for selling beverages in Japanplease contact our company formation consultants.