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Open Japanese Business for Repair and Maintenance of Ships

Open Japanese Business for Repair and Maintenance of Ships

Japan is one of the most important maritime powers in the world, which makes this industry very profitable. The maritime industry in Japan is one of the most important drivers of the economy, which is why those who want to operate in this sector will find plenty of opportunities. The shipbuilding and ship repair and maintenance services which go hand in hand in Japan account for more than 3 billion USD on a yearly basis.

Those who want to open companies in the maritime sector in Japan have several options, among which shipping, ship management, shipbuilding, but also businesses which can offer repair and maintenance for various types of vessels.

Starting a Japanese business for offering services related to repair and maintenance of ships can be a great idea because of the less stringent requirements applicable. If you want to set up such business, our company formation specialists in Japan can offer the necessary advice and assistance in order to have the company up and running in the shortest time possible.

Registering a Japanese company for offering a ship repair and maintenance services

No matter the type of activity to undertake, any business in Japan is required to register with the Business Registrar, in accordance with the Company Law.

The maritime sector is open to both local and foreign investors, and those who want to set up a business for repair and maintenance of ships in Japan must first choose the legal form which best suits their interest. Once this step is completed, the company registration process with the Japanese Companies Register may begin.

In order to register a company in Japan, one must:

  • –          select and reserve a trading name for the future company in Japan;
  • –          prepare the necessary documents requested by the Trade Registry in Japan;
  • –          open the bank account and deposit the share capital in accordance with the type of entity selected;
  • –          file the documents with the Trade Register and obtain a tax identification number;
  • –          enroll with one or more of the associations representing the maritime sector in Japan, one of the most important being the Japan Maritime Center.

Our company registration consultants in Japan can help foreign investors in choosing and registering the right type of business form for opening a company for repair and maintenance of ships.

Services offered by companies offering repair and maintenance services of ships in Japan

The types of services which can be offered by a repair and maintenance company of ships in Japan are quite extensive. Among these we mention the following:

  • –          bodywork repair services;
  • –          docking services;
  • –          blasting services;
  • –          painting services;
  • –          steelwork services;
  • –          machinery and pipe repair services;
  • –          electric and electronic repair services;
  • –          storage and harboring services.

Each of the services mentioned above covers other sub-categories of services which complete the activities conducted by repair and maintenance of ships companies in Japan. Among these, the maintenance related to the vessels and equipment onboard vessels complete the services offered by Japanese maritime companies.

It is also usual for Japanese companies in the maritime sector to offer conversion and reconditioning services.

Employment requirements for Japanese ship repair and maintenance companies

Even if companies offering services related to the repair and maintenance of ships are not subject to very stringent requirements or licenses, they are required to hire specialized personnel such as engineers and other qualified individuals, such as welders, who can ensure the safety of the vessels once repaired. They also have the possibility of training workers for the positions available in the company.

Why open a company for the repair and maintenance of ships in Japan?

As mentioned above, Japan is one of the largest maritime powers in the world, however, it is the machinery sector which keeps the country on such a high level of proficiency. Large companies in the world collaborate with local companies and purchase equipment from maritime companies in Japan. Also, apart from offering repair and maintenance services, most companies operate in the shipbuilding sector of the maritime industry.

These companies can engage in offering various services to all types of vessels. Even if most of them service large ships used for trading activities, they can also offer their services to other types of boats, such as yachts and other types of pleasure vessels.

If you decide to open a company for offering services related repair and maintenance of ships and need guidance, do not hesitate to contact our company formation agents in Japan who can offer specialized assistance.