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Relocate to Japan

Relocate to Japan

Are you a business person looking to relocate in Japan? An important global economy, Japan is nowadays an interesting country to do business and live in, provided certain conditions are met.

Our company formation consultants in Japan can inform you on the most important aspects relating to this subject. We can also assist you if you intend to open company in Japan.

Foreign nationals who decide to move to Japan will have to follow a number of steps, as well as get accustomed to the Japanese way of life.

Relocating to Japan will most likely mean that the foreign national will be interested in applying for Japanese residency. This is possible when the applicant has been living in the country for a sufficient period of time, has a job that meets the requirements, has paid all taxes and contributions during his or her stay, and complies with other criteria. We can help those interested commence the application process.

The investor/business manager visa in Japan

If you are a foreign business person who intends to open a company in Japan, or to manage or administer a business here, you will be required to obtain the investor/business manager visa in Japan. With this visa, you will be able to move to Japan and run your business.

In order to be granted this type of visa, you will have to set up a business and hire employees.  Then, you will need to effectuate all the arrangements so that the company can start its activities immediately after receiving the visa. Ownign a company can be a good reason to immigrate to Japan.

Our company registration advisors in Japan can help you with the entire process of obtaining the investor/business manager visa in the country. This is mandatory if you wish to relocate to Japan for business purposes. This process includes:

  • • Establishing a business entity in Japan;
  • • Reporting to the relevant authorities;
  • • Effectuating the arrangements for the business initiation;
  • • Hiring employees; Some of them may need to move to Japan;
  • • Preparing the application documentation for the immigration office;
  • • Applying for the visa at the immigration office;
  • • Acquiring the visa.

Extending a business in Japan

If you wish to extend your business and relocate in Japan, you can do so by setting up a branch or representative company in Japan.

In order to open a branch office in Japan, you should:

  • • Be issued an affidavit certified by the Embassy or Consulate of Japan from the parent company’s country. Alternatively, this can be issued by a public notary in the country where the parent company is registered;
  • • Have a seal certificate or a signature attestation of the representative in Japan. This seal is issued within three months;
  • • Have the official seal of the branch office.

As about the representative office in Japan, its main advantage is that it can effectuate marketing surveys and data gathering activities in the country prior to beginning its activities. It can be a first step before the company will relocate to Japan.

Besides, a representative office in Japan can hire employees in Japan and does not have to be registered with legal bodies such as the Legal Affair Bureau. 

Move to Japan for work purposes

Foreign citizens who want to work in Japan have to obtain a special working visa to do so. It is not allowed to perform paid activities under a tourist visa in this country. Employment can be one of the reasons foreign nationals choose to immigrate to Japan.

In Japan, there are around 12 types of working visas, every one of them enabling the holder to work only in a certain professional field, such as an instructor, an engineer or an entertainer. 

If you would like to know more about moving to Japan, please do not hesitate to contact us.